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Python Developer - Data Team

Closing date:
28th October 2022
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Humand Talent

What makes for the perfect working environment? Everyone’s contribution is valued and rewarded? The freedom to implement your own ideas and see them in practice? A team of masters of their craft to learn from and lean on?

What’s this Python Developer’s “day-to-day”?

Too good to be true? There are a few “musts”

Some of the awesome perks of the Software Engineer role:

Keywords: Python Developer, Web Developer, Finance, C++, Linux, Linux Terminal, Linux, SQL, trading systems, tech business, Scale Up, Bash scripting, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, ETL, FTS, financial tracking, Ubuntu, RedHat, Airflow, Juinor, Graduatr

Humand Talent Solutions and their clients and associates do not discriminate on any of the following and any terminology that suggests that should be made aware to our business ASAP.

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