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Senior Software Engineer

Closing date:
31st January 2022
Job Type:
Salary / Rate:
£70,000 - £90,000
Posted by
Wilhelm Klopp

We're looking for an experienced Python developer to join the Simple Poll team! We're remote first and our stack is predominantly Django, Postgres, and Heroku

Full Time – Remote

About Simple Poll

Because we’re such a small team, you will be able to have a massive impact. Not just on Simple Poll the product and its millions of users but also on the company, our culture, and our day to day collaboration.

From an engineering perspective Simple Poll can often feel similar to building an API. Slack apps work largely by receiving JSON payloads from Slack, making API calls to the Slack API, and then returning some JSON back to Slack. As such, our engineering work tends to be very backend-heavy and although we do have a web dashboard, writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is more rare.

In our day to day work we face an interesting set of evolving engineering and product challenges:


We are remote-first with folks across Canada, the UK, and Germany 🌅  We love and embrace remote working (and have done so even in pre-pandemic times). But especially as the pandemic winds down and more travel opens up, we plan to regularly get everyone together for a one-week company offsite, probably twice a year. Our last company offsite took us to Toronto in Canada 🍁

The ideal candidate


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Practicals and benefits

Our principles

Inspired (often straight up copied) by the Zen of GitHub and the Zen of Python

Explicit is better than implicit

Simple is better than complex

Favor focus over features

Anything added dilutes everything else

Mind your words, they are important

Craft the details, they matter

Ship early and often

Never miss an opportunity to delight

Build for the long term

Use what you build with pride

Create lasting value for customers

Mistakes are possible when moving fast

Empower with courtesy and empathy

Our tech stack

How to apply

Please use the links below.

We're excited to review your application!