Who We Are

The Digital Oxford Story

We’re making Oxford a world-class digital destination to attract jobs, funding, talent, and investment for digital industry in Oxfordshire.

What is Digital Oxford?

We are an independent organisation that sets out to make Oxford and Oxfordshire a global destination for digital business. We’re proud that Digital Oxford is funded by donations and run by volunteers from the industry across the county.

Why do we need Digital Oxford?

Just about every company in business today makes use of digital products and services. So, on one level we want to give every business access to the best of our digital sector in terms of connections, talent and knowledge.

On another level, we are about supporting the large proportion of businesses in our region generating revenue in digital products or services, the great number of skilled professionals earning their living in digital, and the ever-increasing number of entrepreneurs seeking funding to get projects off the ground.

Whether you are an international software house seeking talent, a graduate who wants to design video games, a technology start-up wanting connections to the space industry, or a local business building your online presence, Digital Oxford is here for you.

Who is behind Digital Oxford?

Digital Oxford is the initiative of a group of technology entrepreneurs, led by White October founder Dave Fletcher. They see the need to bring the sector together with an organisation created by the sector to represent its interests and to get Oxfordshire on the national ‘digital map.’

The organisation is governed by an elected committee. Digital Oxford is incorporated as a Limited Company and operates as a not-for-profit CIC (Community Interest Company).

In this start-up phase, everyone involved with Digital Oxford is a volunteer.

How we're funded

We have some funding from donations and regional business support organisations. However we have no formal funding structure and at present Digital Oxford relies on volunteers.

Become a member!

In our first phase, membership is available to companies and is free of charge for the first year. Members get access to talent through jobs boards and CV libraries, opportunities to showcase success stories, reach out to the media and connect with policy-makers and funders.

However, individuals can use Digital Oxford to find a job, look for a meet-up, get connected with digital professionals, launch interesting start-ups and generally get to the heart of the region’s digital sector.

We want to make it completely natural for anyone who is part of the digital community to be a part of Digital Oxford.


Bringing together the disparate digital talents, organisations and corporations in and around Oxford.

Creating a self-sustaining community that builds the profile of individuals and the collective, making DO the first target for talent and investment looking for all things digital in Oxford.

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Generating exposure and support for Oxford and its vibrant digital community.

Showcasing the work of individual and businesses, putting them in the centre of Oxford’s burgeoning digital community.


Turning people on to the opportunities and possibilities for digital makers, thinkers, inventors and investors in Oxford.

Encouraging digital people to get together, connect and share their knowledge and experience.


Using our collective strength to create a more powerful presence at home and beyond.

Generating excitement, exposure and a positive future for digital industry in Oxford and its surrounding areas.