Why Oxford?

As a city, Oxford has the global exposure, digital heritage, intellectual and cultural capital to attract the world’s brightest minds, connecting industries from healthcare and automotive to coding and creativity.

In fact, this isn’t an ambition. It’s a reality. Oxford is already home to some of the world’s leading technology. We just need to let the world know about it. And that begins at home.

Digital Oxford or Digital Oxfordshire?

Oxford is a global brand and so we think the name Digital Oxford is the best way to attract business to both city and county. Having said that, Digital Oxford proudly represents the vast digital talent across Oxfordshire, and our volunteers and founding members hail from all over the county.

We are here to show that Oxfordshire’s digital sector has the growth potential to be another key factor in the region’s future. Our digital economy has the capacity, skills base and dynamism to put Oxfordshire on the map for digital business.

What makes Oxfordshire the place for digital business?

The digital industry in Oxfordshire is estimated to be worth over £500m, a figure drawn from the 40% of the 3,000+ businesses in the county who are are digital. (Source: Oxford Inspires)

Oxford and Oxfordshire have the startups, the success stories, the skills base, the world-class universities and research institutions, and the passion to make it one of the best places to grow a digital business in the UK.

Here are some of the great digital success stories already in our region:

And here are examples of the myriad start-ups and young organisations, many of whom are destined to become major players:

Our first task is to consolidate our community. There’s a wealth of talent here, in the form of individuals, graduates, corporations and organisations. Coming together, we will be greater than the sum of our parts – finding it easier to identify crossover opportunities and attract talent, investment, funding and exposure.

Can being in Oxfordshire help you get funding?

Interest in innovative projects in Oxfordshire from funders is growing. However, it is no secret that funders are scarce and it’s a challenge to find and secure finance for technology start-ups. This is what we set out to change. Our mission is to encourage the universities, public bodies and funders to see the opportunities for growth in Oxfordshire’s digital sector.

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