A technology, design, and creative community for Oxfordshire

Our Community

The community primarily hangs out in our Slack workspace, with in-person events announced in the #events channel.

Slack is an online messaging tool, like Telegram, WhatsApp, or Signal, but generally used by communities focused on a specific theme. For us that's technology and Oxfordshire.

We’re a friendly community whether you are a freelancer, a full-timer, or just a fan of all things digital. From languages and local tech events, to cats and book club, there is a channel for you to find like-minded people. And if not, you can start one!

Getting Started

Go to our Slack sign-up page and follow the instructions. Ignore the bit about "work email", any email address will do. That's some Slack specific language we can't change.

Although you can use Slack via a browser, we do recommend downloading a native Slack client for your chosen platform.

If you're new to Slack, their Getting Started with Slack guide is worth reading.

Once you're signed up you'll be added to a few default channels:

There are many other channels for all kinds of interests, so have a look around and say hello.


We're an extremely friendly bunch, but we ask that you follow a few rules.

Code of conduct

Read, understand, and follow our Code of Conduct.


There is no advertising allowed in any of the channels or via direct message. By advertising we mean no unsolicited messages for your latest service or offering.

Exceptions to this are:

  1. Job posts: You can post positions in the #jobs channel.
  2. Events: Events can be posted in the #events channel.
  3. Personal projects: Built something cool you want to show-off or get feedback for? Then we have a #show-and-tell channel just for that purpose.
  4. Commercial projects: If you're a company or individual that wants to highlight a new commercial "thing", solicit feedback, or get a discussion going, we have the #infomercial channel.

Digital Oxford Administrators

If you experience any issues, please reach out to one of the Digital Oxford administrators: